Mission Statement

Malta Tama Tnabar Association empowers people with various difficulties to succeed in society. We integrate drums and percussion instruments as creative learning tools that address life skills and enhance the mind, body and spirit towards a holistic life.

Description of Service

The milestone of the Malta Tama Tnabar Association is to enhance integration and inclusion in the community. Our service uses different and creative learning strategies to educate and train individuals. We believe that when people are exposed they discover their hidden potential. This service has developed specialized disciplines and techniques which help us to bring together, invigorate and genuinely welcome people.

Why Percussions?

Percussions are ancient tools of communication and community building. In Africa and in many other cultures around the world, before any major tribal decision is made, the community gathers together at the centre of the village to make music. This blissful making of music breaks down barriers and creates a sense of unity, thus enabling communities to become more effective and assertive


Our Activites

Our activities, which are based on experiential learning, empower people with various difficulties to integrate and succeed in society. The beat of a drum is an ancient and tribal human instinct. Employing three types of drums which are Snare, Bass and Tenor participants may take part in drums playing, movement and listening activities. In addition, the group may form an ensemble to play various pieces of music, take part in playing rhythm and experience improvisational music. While this is happening, they start to see others as capable and worthwhile people. Not only does this reduce social inhibition, it increases interaction and develops both empathy for others and increased self-esteem. Participants have invariably found this experience to be challenging, but fun and inspiring. As they learn to play together they develop team-spirit and experience.


Mario God Bless you

Today, we remember and honor Mario, a truly great individual who gave birth to the essence of Tamatnabar through his unmatched musical skills and boundless passion. His melodies and rhythms have left an indelible mark on our hearts and souls. May God embrace you in His eternal glory, dear Mario. Your legacy will continue to inspire and resonate with us forever.


Christmas Street Celebration Frangiskani Hamrun

A fantastic Christmas Eve celebration at Frangiskani Church Hamrun and all the beautiful people who were there. To the Father, who guided us in a lovely celebration, and to all those who helped make this joyous occasion memorable, we offer our greatest appreciation. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas season brimming with happiness, love, and the spirit of togetherness. Well done! Here's to more success!


MCAST Christmas Celebration 2023

Grateful to have been part of the MCAST Christmas Mass celebration! Such a heartwarming and joyous occasion, surrounded by the festive spirit and the warmth of the community. Wishing everyone a season filled with love, laughter, and the joy of togetherness.


Parroċċa Birżebbuġa  August 2023


Another summer workshop with fantastic kids from Birżebbuġa


MACC Walk 21st May 2023

MTTA honored to support MACC during their awareness walk to inspire hope and resilience in those who experience Chron's chronic disease and educate the general public about the significance of this matter.


Group Photo April 2023

A group photo that includes our happy surprise guest (Aurele), who joined us while visiting Malta.


Hamrun Carnival

Volunteering during the Franciscans Carnival Event by MTTA and CSR students.

AboutHamrun Carnival
The Hamrun Carnival is an important part of Maltese culture and attracts thousands of visitors each year. It is a celebration of community and tradition, and a reminder of the country's rich cultural heritage.



MCAST Social Committee Mass Event 21st December 2022

A fantastic MCAST afternoon event that took place during staff Mass. It was great to have everyone get together to pray and share ideas in an effort to strengthen the bonds between the members of the MCAST community.


ENKOR MTTA 10th December 2022

It was a fantastic and wonderful evening with ENKOR voices and MTTA had the honor of accompanying the ENKOR group in their performance of The Drummer Boy. Bravo, ENKOR!


 Christmas Village 2022 Performances organized by il Parroċċa Birżebbuġa St Rita

Christmas Village 2022 Performances organized by il Parroċċa Birżebbuġa St Rita


Rhearsals 2022 MCAST Students

Rehearsals With MCAST students for Christmas 2022 Performances


Parroċċa Birżebbuġa St Rita


A wonderful morning workshop led by committed individuals with the objective of raising a joyful, responsible, and socially engaged next generation. The Malta Tama Tnabar Association was happy to provide a small contribution to this worthwhile cause that so many hardworking people are pursuing.


St Agustine College Sibshop Workshop August 2022


A fantastic evening at St Augustine College, sharing some joyful rhythm with wonderful people and energetic children. Thank you for the hard work of MTTA members and the Sibshops organizers who invited us to participate in this workshop experience.


MCAST Open Day 2022


Another evening at MCAST for MCAST open day. A fantastic evening, MTTA was proud to be part of this.




It was a fantastic experience full of interaction, positive communication, and drumming with the MCAST community. I hope to see more events like this in the future. Thank you and congratulations to the Social Committee team and the entire MCAST community.


STOP after two years The Malta Tama Tnabar Association has resumed rehearsals and plans to offer workshops and take part in performances. MTTA would like to express its gratitude to MCAST for providing space, and we hope that MCAST students would participate in future projects.


13th October 2021. Our first workshop after a long stop since the start of the pandemic. Malta Tama Tnabar Association enjoying a great works shop with great students during MCAST fresher's week 2021.


17th December 2019, another year passed and yet another enjoyable outreach purcussion session held with St.Thomas Moore Santa Lucija College students with the collaboration of  dedicated teachers and staff .


13th September Workshop at Msida water front.

Thursday 13th September Workshop with Computime staff at Mosta Amphetheater.

Wednesday 26th of June, MTTA members together with PIP clients proudly performed "Ritmu Ta' Tama Kontra Id-Droga" for the opening of Caritas graduation ceremony. The goal was successfully and holistically accomplished.

Photo Net News

A wonderful Experience with the future musicians of the Philarmonic Pinto Banda San Bastjan

IVETA Conference at San Antonio Hotel in May 2019. Was with great pleasure that Malta Tama Tnabar performed during the closure of the 1st Day at IVETA Conference. Presenting percussions as a means of social integration as well as non-formal Vocational Education.


The second time sustaining Marathoners in their race April 2019

Malta Tama Tnabar performance MCAST open day March 2019

MCAST launch Collaboration for Social Responsibilities (CSR) project. On Wednesday 13th February MCAST officially opened CSR project, Malta Tama Tnabar Association (MTTA) together with other NGOs proudly joined this project by signing a protocol of collaboration. MTTA would like to thank you MCAST for the opportunity and support offered during the last years. We hope that in the coming future by means of this collaboration MTTA and MCAST can help to improve active citizenship among youth for a better future.


St Augustine Secondary School Workshop November 2018







MCAST Campus week 2018

Our Adventure representing Malta at Acireale April 2016 performing during the festival of Festa Dei Fiori. Video by Sarah Salafia, Thank you, Sarah.

Malta Tama Tnabar AssociatioMembersrs. A get together before a well-deserved break.

Malta Calls July 2018

One-off Experience Integration with Banda San Guzepp Kirkop








Malta Tama Tnabar Association Puttinu Cares May 2018.

Malta Tama Tnabar Association 2017 performances.

Malta Tama Tnabar Association 2017 performances.

Malta Tama Tnabar Association Performing at Naxxar Christmas Village 2017. 

Malta Tama Tnabar Association at Costa Brava International Music Festival Magrat Del Mar. Malta  Tama Tnabar were welcomed by the Major of Malgrat Del Mar as well as from the Spanish public. Tama Tnabar once again exhibited her performances through the talent, passion and commitment of her members.

Malta Tama Tnabar Association is proudly to annouce that was invited to represent Malta for the XVIII Festival Internacional de Musica de Malgrat de Mar 04-09 October 2017.  

It was a wonderful enjoyable evening making some noise together with Strumming.  

Malta Tama Tnabar Association at M'Scala Skola Sjaf 2017,  during one of our sessions implementing values of social integration and fostering creative making use of our instruments to enhance  the mind, body and spirit towards a holistic life. 

Thank You Maestro for your music lessons but above all for teaching us that music is for everyone.