War of Walks Day of IBD May 2024


Thiago 19th March 2024

It is with great pride that the Malta Tama Tnabar Association embraces its role in supporting Thiago's cause along with the wonderful Kalkara community.

Christmas Eve Celebration Frangiskani Hamrun 2023

A fantastic Christmas Eve celebration at Frangiskani Church Hamrun and all the beautiful people who were there.  To the Father, who guided us in a lovely celebration, and to all those who helped make this joyous occasion memorable, we offer our greatest appreciation. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas season brimming with happiness, love, and the spirit of togetherness. Well done! Here's to more success!

Birżebbuġa Christmas Village 2023

Another year has past, and another opportunity has come to have a great workshop at the Birżebbuġa Christmas village, sharing joy and enthusiasm with wonderful children.

Lejla Sajfija September 2023

A wonderful Evening at Ta' qali supporting well-being (Lejla Sajfija September 2023)

Parroċċa Birżebbuġa August 2023



MCAST Open Day 2023

Every year, the MCAST open day brings a lot of excitement, and this year was no exception. The event was brought to life on campus by enthusiastic parents and curious pupils. It was a pleasure to perform knowing that MTTA was a part of this thriving community.



MACC Walk Support May 21st 2023

MTTA is honored to support MACC during their awareness walk to inspire hope and resilience in those who experience Chron's chronic disease, as well as educate the general public about the significance of this matter.




LaSalle workshop Mellieha Retreat 13th May 2023

MTTA thanks Lasallian's outstanding educators for a terrific workshop. It was an incredible learning experience. Thank you for inviting us.  Was a pleasure to have been part of your transforming education path.




Hmarun Carnival February 2023

Volunteering at the Hmarun Carnival performance by MTTA and CSR students. The Hamrun Carnival is an important part of Maltese culture and attracts thousands of visitors each year. It is a celebration of community and tradition, and a reminder of the country's rich cultural heritage.





 Christmas Village 2022 Performances organized by il Parroċċa Birżebbuġa St Rita

Christmas Village 2022 Performances organized by il Parroċċa Birżebbuġa St Rita






MTTA Rehersals with MCAST Students Nov 2022

MTTA Christmas 2022 rehearsal with MCAST students to prepare performances






Parroċċa Birżebbuġa St Rita August 2022

A wonderful morning workshop led by committed individuals with the objective of raising a joyful, responsible, and socially engaged next generation. The Malta Tama Tnabar Association was happy to provide a small contribution to this worthwhile cause that so many hardworking people are pursuing.

St Agustine Sibshops Workshop August 2022

A fantastic evening at St Augustine College, sharing some joyful rhythm with wonderful people and energetic children. Thank you for the hard work of MTTA members and the Sibshops organizers who invited us to participate in this workshop experience.


It was a fantastic experience full of interaction, positive communication, and drumming with the MCAST community. I hope to see more events like this in the future. Thank you and congratulations to the Social Committee team and the entire MCAST community.

Caritas Workshop January 2020

It was a pleasure for Malta Tama Tnabar Association (MTTA) that during January 2020 joined a wonderful group of persons at Caritas to pass some time together making some rythm noises with our percussion instruments. Hopefully that our next rythm gathering will aim towards performance and enjoy it all together.

St. Thomas Moore Sta Lucija College

Msida Water Front Worshop 13th September 2019

Computime Worshop 12th September 2019

MTTA PIP Caritas Graduation 26th June 2019



Banda San Bastjan June 2019

Philharmonic Banda San Bastjan Event 5th June 2019

MCAST Open Day Performance 2019

St Lucia Secondary School December 2018

A joyful workshop with St Lucia Students.

St Augustine Secondary School November 2018

A joyful workshop with St Augustine Students and special guests.

Casal Fornaro October 2018

MCAST Campus Week 2018

Malta Tama Tnabar Association MCAST Campus Week 2018


Malta Calls July 2018

Malta Tama Tnabar Association a short performance in a different environment during Malta Calls Event.

Banda San Guzepp Kirkop (Integration) 4 July 2018

Malta Tama Tnabar Association and wonderful experience of music integration together with Banda San Guzepp Kirkop.

ENKOR Workshop May 2018

Another Workshop with ENKOR members always a pleasure meeting nice people as ENKOR members and do some drumming together. No doubt is always a nice experience.

De La Salle Workshop 2018

With great pleasure Tama Tnabar and La Salle staff during the retreat workshop for the 2nd consecutive year. Thank you Theo.


Puttinu May 2018

Another year to help Puttinu in his missions.

Gozo Half Marathon April 29th 2018

Malta Tama Tnabar Association playing percussions to encourage marathoners to finish up their challenge during the Gozo Half Marathon. Well done to all.

MCAST Workshop March 2018

Gozo Carnival 2018

Naxxar Christmas Village 2017

Costa Brava 2017

MCAST Freshers Week 2017


Building Friendship Sep 2017

St Paul's Bay Skola Sajf July 2017

M'Scala Skola Sajf July 2017

WorkShop with EnKor July 2017

Workshop With Children July 2017

Workshop De La Salle House 2017

Opening Fort Manoel 2017

Gozo Carnival 2017

A to Z 2016

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Festa Dei Fiori Acireale 2016

Kristu L-Ilma tal Hajja 2016

Manikata Wedding 2016

MCAST Freshers WorkShops 2016


Scouts Workshop 2016

Puttinu Performance 2016

Puttinu Performance 2015

Valletta NGO Day & Senglea

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